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The Daily Prep List 06.30.2022


California’s 2022 Proposed Labor and Employment Laws – Pending Legislation that Employers Should Monitor

King & Spaulding / JD Supra 6/29

California employers, both new and old, should take note of pending bills that could further expand companies’ legal responsibilities under California’s extensive and unique labor and employment laws.

California Restaurant Association Releases New Training Platform

Oakdale Leader 6/29

The California Restaurant Association (CRA) has announced a CRA-certified training platform in collaboration with Train 321, a nationwide provider of training for restaurant employees.

Food Industry Policy

Why embracing COVID-era outdoor dining is so difficult for some California cities

The Sacramento Bee 6/30

For all the ravages of the coronavirus, the reallocation of outdoor spaces from speeding and parking cars to eating and drinking people may not have been, in retrospect, all that bad.

Clock Is Ticking on California’s Landmark Plastics Reduction Legislation

Capital & Main 6/29

The legislative path to reducing plastic waste in California became significantly clearer on Tuesday when the Assembly Natural Resources Committee voted 9-0 to approve a bill that targets the production of single-use plastic packaging and foodware in the state over the next decade.

On the Side

At least 30 new restaurants have opened so far in Fresno and Clovis in 2022. Here they are

Fresno Bee 6/29

At least 30 new restaurants have opened so far in Fresno and Clovis in 2022. Here they are.

Taco turf wars: a downtown taquería confronts food truck posting up right in front of its business

L.A. TACO 6/29

L.A.’s informal economy revolving around the city’s Taco Life is full of unwritten rules and mutual, street-level respect among both brick and mortar businesses, food trucks, and street vendors. 

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