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The Daily Prep List: 06.29.21


Resurrection of 80/20 Rule ‘Unnecessary Step Backward,’ Expert Says

FSR Magazine 6/28

Restaurant tipping regulations has always been a convoluted topic. And it’s currently even more so due to an uncertain future. This present state of flux isn’t unexpected, however.

Some Pasadena Workers are Set to Get an Increase in Their Paychecks Starting Next Week

Pasadena Now 6/28

Workers making minimum wage at Pasadena businesses with 25 employees or fewer will begin earning $15 per hour this week due to the final mandated increase in the city’s minimum wage ordinance.

Food Industry Policy

Will Permanent Fee Caps Actually Rein in Delivery Apps?

Eater 6/28

San Francisco’s forever-ceiling on what delivery apps charge restaurants is the first in the country. It might not be the last — but it also might not work.

Cocktails to Go Were a Lifeline to Many During the Pandemic. Now, their Future is Uncertain.

 Wine Enthusiast 6/28

New Yorkers are not so lucky. Last week, in a press conference, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that bars and restaurants across the state are no longer permitted to sell alcoholic beverages to go as of June 24.

On the Side

LA Companies Set the Pace in Fast-Growing Natural Food, Plant-Based Industries

LA Business Journal 6/28

As more people think twice about what’s on their plate, the natural and plant-based food industries in Los Angeles have boomed.

How One Expert Thinks The Avocado Shortage Could Affect Chipotle Sales

Mashed 6/28

According to Business Insider, the supply of the produce has had to keep up with growing demand, and the tricky practice of maintaining an avocado orchard has caused prices to spike in recent years.

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