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The Daily Prep List: 06.28.21


‘I think the f*ck not’: Bartender’s $16,000 tip gets split, sparking debate

Daily Dot 6/26

An anonymous customer at a New Hampshire restaurant left a $16,000 tip on a $37.93 tab, but people online are outraged that the entire tip did not go to the server. “The waiter who did the work deserves ALL of the 16k,” one user wrote.

Hotels’ and Restaurants’ Rebound Summer Held Back by Shortages of Everything

The Wall Street Journal 6/25

Just when demand is surging, hospitality businesses are squeezed from all sides, including lack of workers and rising costs of supplies.

Food Industry Policy

To-go no more? States weigh fate of pandemic-era cocktails and outdoor dining

NBC News 6/27

With parts of the country lifting restrictions and reopening, states have been debating a pandemic-era change: expanded outdoor dining and to-go cocktails.

‘Delivery Wars’ Looks At The Cost Of Convenience

NPR 6/26

As the pandemic raged last year and restaurants across the country struggled to stay afloat, many shifted to reach customers where they were, which was at home. Delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash made it easy to connect hungry customers to food options.

On the Side

Michelin-starred restaurants touted this caviar as the best in local, sustainable products. But it wasn’t what it seemed

San Francisco Chronicle 6/26

Passmore, a lauded Sacramento County ranch, admitted to a lack of transparency around the fish and caviar it sold to local restaurants.

Restaurants feeling the impact of rising costs of food

CBS San Diego 6/25

Eating out is getting to be more expensive. Restaurants across the country are raising prices as inflation increases for the price of products.

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