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The Daily Prep List 06.22.2022


The QR Code Comeback and What it Means for Your Restaurant

QSR Magazine 6/22

QR codes are having a moment. Chances are, anyone visiting a restaurant during the height of the pandemic was either introduced or reintroduced to scanning those black squares first made popular in the early 2000s.

California’s AB 257 Would Make It Much Harder and More Expensive for Restaurant Owners to Operate

U.S. Chamber of Commerce 6/21

A satire magazine once quipped that the state of California was the “world’s leading exporter of terrible government policies,” which some observers of labor policy would argue is more true than not. 

Food Industry Policy

Restaurant Industry May be Next Battleground in Fight over PFAS

QSR Magazine 6/21

While the restaurant industry has largely sidestepped the controversy raging in courthouses, state houses, and regulators’ offices over PFAS, six suits recently filed against quick-service restaurants suggests that the industry might not remain above the fray for much longer.

Is Sacramento outdoor dining here to stay? City Council to hear ‘Al Fresco’ proposal

The Sacramento Bee 6/21

Sacramento residents received little to no warning when Capitol Avenue restaurants began to strip their large tents in March to comply with the impending close of the city’s more than two-year outdoor dining program.

On the Side

S.F.’s iconic El Farolito finally opens in North Beach

San Francisco Chronicle 6/21

Good news, Bay Area burrito fans: A new location of Mission District taqueria institution El Farolito is now open in North Beach.

Column: They’ve been making the world’s best pastrami sandwiches for 75 years. Can they keep it up?

Los Angeles Times 6/20

The long, slow decline of the Jewish delicatessen has been bemoaned and lamented for many years.

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