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The Daily Prep List: 06.18.20


Alameda briefs: City’s minimum wage to be $15 an hour July 1

East Bay Times 6/17

On July 1, the minimum wage in the city of Alameda will increase to $15 per hour, which will apply to all employees who work two or more hours a week in the city.

Food Industry Policy

Covid-19 Surcharges Appear At Restaurants, Hair Salons, Dentists, More

Forbes 6/17

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted the food chain, causing supermarket prices to increase. But that’s not the only rising cost these days. 

SF Might Reopen Bars, Indoor Dining Sooner Than Expected

Eater, San Francisco 6/17

At a full meeting of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Tuesday night, the Supes unanimously agreed to enter the attestation process — that is, a series of assurances submitted to the state of California that would allow it to open up so-called “high risk” businesses like indoor restaurants, bars, hair salons, or gyms.

On the Side

Can UV Light Help Restaurants Stay in Business?

Civil Eats 6/17

Not long after COVID-19 erupted in New York City, Bobbie Lloyd, the chief operating officer of Magnolia Bakery, spent thousands of dollars to do a deep clean of their 5,000-square-foot production facility in Harlem. Ultimately, she decided she had wasted her money. “One sneeze, one touch. That’s all it takes,” she says, to reintroduce the virus.

Servers Are In The Spotlight, As Restaurants Re-Open To Guests

Forbes 6/17

Chefs get the attention. Menus capture diners’ imagination. But when it comes to the people with whom customers interact, servers play the most important role.

Oakland Barbecue Sensation Vegan Mob Is Expanding to San Francisco

Eater, San Francisco 6/17

Toriano Gordon, the chef and founder of Vegan Mob — the eight-month-old barbecue walkup spot that’s garnered massive lines, press coverage including a recent feature in Food & Wine, and rave reviews from omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans — says that he’s already outgrown his current Oakland location.

Chipotle Adds Mobile Ordering Through Facebook Messenger

QSR Magazine 6/17

Beginning June 22, guests can order on Facebook Messenger by visiting or the Chipotle page on the Facebook app and selecting the “Message Us” option.

How Panera Reached Guests Through Augmented Reality

QSR Magazine 6/17

In early 2020, Panera partnered with M7 Innovations—a tech company specializing in AI and immersive realities—and created a way for customers to wake up with its signature coffee and breakfast wraps.

Some Considerations As The Restaurant Industry Hobbles Back Towards “Normal”

Total Food Service 6/17

Last month, I discussed the state of the restaurant industry and how to navigate the road back to “normal.”  While we’re still not there, I’m happy to report there is light end of the tunnel, albeit faint.

Why Restaurants Pay Ultimate Price in Online Delivery Marketplace

Modern Restaurant Management 6/17

When COVID-19 erupted earlier this year, scores of restaurants relied on online delivery marketplaces to deliver meals to their customers. 

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