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The Daily Prep List: 06.03.21


McDonald’s Tests Automated Drive-Thru Ordering Technology

QSR Magazine 6/3

The McDonald’s leader said the technology has 85 percent order accuracy, and only about 20 percent of orders need to be taken by employees, according to a report by CNBC.

Foster City exploring increasing minimum wage

The San Mateo Daily Journal 6/1

Foster City is exploring the feasibility of a minimum wage increase ordinance, with suggestions from Councilmember Sam Hindi for a hike that eventually reaches $16 an hour.

Peanut the Waiter Robot Is Proof That Your Job Is Safe


Restaurants are struggling to hire people, so one Jersey Shore grill employed a machine. It confirms that humans remain indispensable.

Food Industry Policy

Outdoor dining, to-go drinks could be here to stay

CalMatters 6/3

Even as the state prepares to lift coronavirus restrictions on June 15, some changes such as outdoor dining and to-go drinks will likely remain in many California cities. And many small businesses are embracing the extensions.

New Seattle Bill Would Require Delivery Apps to Ask Restaurants’ Permission Before Adding Them

Eater Seattle 6/2 

The proposed legislation hopes to alleviate some headaches for local restaurants, some of whom have been listed on apps without their knowledge or consent.

Delivery Apps Are Making Concessions to Restaurants. But Who Pays?

Eater 6/1

As restaurants ditch third-party delivery apps, companies like DoorDash and Grubhub are creating more incentives for small businesses.

On the Side

Elon Musk Files Trademark Paperwork for Tesla Restaurant Concept

Bloomberg 6/2

After tweeting for years about opening a diner or convenience store, Musk took a small step toward bringing Tesla food service closer to reality.

Truck drivers turned vendors sell fresh wings and fried chicken sandwiches on streets of East LA

Spectrum News 6/1

Two truck drivers turned chefs are now serving fresh-to-order wings and sandwiches on the streets of East LA. The Wing Man pop-up opened eight months ago and is already on its way to having their own brick and mortar due to their delicious eats.

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