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The Daily Prep List 06.01.2022


We Need to Stop Talking About Tipping Fatigue

Bon Appetit 5/31

When I was a fine dining server, I never understood why confronting a guest who left a bad tip was considered sacrilege.

Jack in the Box’s Sweeping Plan to Solve Staffing

QSR Magazine 5/31

Jack in the Box CEO Darin Harris says labor still isn’t where he wants it to be. A meaningful number of stores operated at reduced hours during the chain’s fiscal second quarter, and many shut down dining rooms.

Food Industry Policy

The Legal Clash Over a City’s Landmark Natural Gas Ban

Route Fifty 5/31

When Berkeley, California, banned natural gas hookups to most newly constructed buildings in the city back in 2019, it was viewed as a landmark step by a local government to curb carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Looser Rules for To-Go Cocktails Pass State Senate, Food Requirement Might Be Nixed

SFist 5/21

That pesky “bona fide” meal requirement for to-go cocktails could be 86’ed under proposed revisions to California’s carry-out cocktail rules, as the state senate just unanimously approved an expansion of legal to-go booze sales.

On the Side

A Bay Area bakery sold mochi muffins for years. Then came the cease-and-desist letter

San Francisco Chronicle 6/1

CA Bakehouse, a small, family-run bakery in San Jose, had been selling mochi muffins for about two years when the cease-and-desist letter arrived.

Firebird Russian Restaurant Forced to Make Two Names Changes Within Two Months

Comstock Magazine 5/31

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for Firebird Russian Restaurant owner Alexandru Sirbu. 

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