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The Daily Prep List 05.27.2022


One of California’s worst ideas yet is to turn government into a union for fast food workers

Los Angeles Daily News 5/26

If there were an annual awards banquet for Worst Ideas Introduced in Legislation, California would certainly dominate the competition every year, and this year, a bill threatening to turn the  government into a labor union for fast food employees might very well win the top trophy.

Why Background Screening is Key to the Hiring Process

QSR Magazine 5/26

The past few years have been particularly challenging for the restaurant industry. In the midst of initial lockdowns, extended periods of mask mandates, and other pandemic-related restrictions, restaurants were forced to rapidly adapt their operations in order to remain in compliance with a slew of regulations, while also struggling to accommodate the rapidly-evolving expectations of their customers. 

Food Industry Policy

New to-go cocktail rules approved by California lawmakers

FOX5 San Diego 5/26

SACRAMENTO (KRON) — The California Senate approved legislation on Thursday that expanded provisions of a 2021 law that allowed the sale and delivery of to-go cocktails. 

Workplace Law: Mandatory tip pooling arrangements

Monterey Herald 5/26

Q. Business at my restaurant is picking up, and I want to make sure that everyone is rewarded equally for their hard work. Can I ask my tipped employees to share part of their tips with other employees?

On the Side

Welcome to California Gold Country

Eater SF 5/26

These days, California might be best known for its pristine beaches, giant sequoias, and vast expanses of farmland.

High gas prices hurt. But here’s how diesel prices are slamming your wallet in hidden ways

Los Angeles Times 5/26

If you’re wondering what’s swelling the price of everything you buy, the cost of a gallon of diesel is a good place to start.

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