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The Daily Prep List: 05.20.20


Santa Rosa won’t delay minimum wage hikes

The Press Democrat 5/19

Santa Rosa will allow pre-pandemic minimum wage increases to take place in July as scheduled, aligning with requests for advocates for already struggling workers while disappointing some small businesses who fear higher costs on top of the economic damage related to the coronavirus.

The Bay Area Restaurant System Was Always Broken. How Do We Fix It?

KQED 5/19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bay Area food industry was in a quiet but persistent crisis. The majority of restaurant workers earned far below a living wage for the region, even for jobs with tips factored in.

Food Industry Policy

California’s Booze Bosses Won’t Block Plans to Allow Drinking in Parking Lots and Streets

Eater, San Francisco 5/19

California’s alcohol regulators have paved the way for loads of new outdoor drinking zones.

County OKs in-person dining, retail; asks governor to approve pilot program

The San Diego Union-Tribune 5/19

With unemployment hitting nearly 25 percent and weekly protests decrying the state stay-at-home order, California’s second-most-populous county is pushing to reopen quicker.

New Sacramento coronavirus order to allow small outdoor parties. Restaurants, malls can open

The Sacramento Bee 5/19

Sacramento County announced Tuesday afternoon it has been given state go-ahead to reopen restaurants for indoor and outdoor dining, as well as stores for in-store shopping.

On the Side

Why Do Food Delivery Companies Lose Money?

Intelligencer 5/19

Ranjan Roy has a great article on Substack about DoorDash and “pizza arbitrage”: Roy’s friend was first annoyed to discover that DoorDash was providing delivery services for his nondelivery pizzeria: taking web orders without his knowledge.

Is This Upcoming New York Dumpling Shop A New Dining Trend?

Forbes 5/19

I remember the thrill of going to the Automat as a child clutching a handful of coins to pop into the slot, then opening the silver door of glass compartments and taking out spaghetti and cherry pie, my favorites.

Inside the cleaner (but less convenient) McDonald’s of the future

Fast Company 5/18

Two months ago, McDonald’s closed its dining rooms across the U.S. in response to COVID-19. While 99% of these locations stayed open, offering drive-through and delivery to lower-but-continuing demand, they have not allowed customers inside to eat.

The New Face of Restaurant Hospitality Wears a Mask

The New York Times 5/18

As dining rooms slowly reopen, owners are scrambling to reduce risks and reassure customers with an array of gear. Face coverings lead the way.

How the restaurant consumer will change in a post COVID-19 world

Nation’s Restaurant News 5/18

Financial pressures and fears around health and safety are predicted to shape purchasing behavior for years to come.

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