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The Daily Prep List: 05.18.21


Seattle’s COVID-19 rules have paid off for delivery-app drivers. What’s next?

The Seattle Times 5/16

Seattle was the first city in the country to pass laws mandating premium pay and sick days for delivery-app drivers during the pandemic, and those laws are still intact a year later in a sector supercharged by the COVID-19 crisis.

Why Delivery Workers Across the Planet Are Rising up Against Exploitation

Independent Media Institute 5/16

Even before the crisis of the pandemic, food delivery companies have seen their profits skyrocket while their so-called “self-employed” workers suffer rights violations and were banned from unionizing.

Food Industry Policy

California May Allow Take-Out Cocktails To Become Permanent Restaurant Feature

Deadline 5/17 

The state Assembly will consider a bill this week to allow the provision, which was enacted to provide an additional revenue stream for beleaguered businesses. The state Senate passed the bill on Monday. If the Assembly concurs, it will go to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for signature into law.

The Town Of Ventura Is Pushing Polystyrene Regulation

Ventura Local News 5/16

The city of Ventura is currently planning to regulate the use of styrofoam in local restaurants and businesses. The ordinance was introduced last week at a meeting of Ventura City Council after a 6-0 vote in February to start working on their language.

On the Side

Bay Area’s newest sandwich sensation is an Asian American deli pop-up with Sichuan hot chicken

San Francisco Chronicle 5/17

When Albert Ok eats something delicious — say, spicy Chongqing chicken at a Sichuan restaurant — he thinks, would this work as a sandwich? 

What We’re Into: The cauliflower shawarma at Mayfield in San Juan Capistrano

Los Angeles Times 5/16

Now, thankfully free of the quarantine fog, I’ve launched into a vaccinated wonderland of restaurant dining again. The one dish that sticks in my mind like a lick from a favorite song is the cauliflower shawarma at Mayfield restaurant in San Juan Capistrano.

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