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The Daily Prep List: 05.18.20


California minimum wage would continue to go up under Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget

The Sacramento Bee 5/16

California’s minimum wage increases will continue as planned, having escaped the chopping block in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s revised 2020-21 budget.

Unions find opportunity in restaurants’ COVID-19 woes

Restaurant Business 5/15

While restaurants were closing or scaling back their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, proponents for organizing the industry’s workforce were also adjusting to the new realities.

Food Industry Policy

Placer restaurants open with restrictions; curbside pickup at libraries

The Sacramento Bee 5/17

As some parts of California move ahead with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus timeline for reopening the economy, one Roseville restaurant embraced the new precautions that come with dine-in business.

California’s new coronavirus dine-in guidelines spell big shifts for some restaurants

The Orange County Register 5/16

Southern California restaurateurs are eager to reopen for dine-in customers and they mostly welcomed the guidelines Gov. Gavin Newsom handed down on Tuesday, May 12.

Restaurant Owners Pushing for Outside Dining

NBC 7, San Diego 5/16

As California begins to slowly open up businesses, ideas on how to welcome back guests into restaurant are on the table. One idea includes extending outdoor dining into sidewalks and parking spaces to give guests more room. The California Restaurant Association said they are planning a “Slow Street Program” of their own in San Diego.

Bars With Food Are Open for ‘Curbside Cocktails’ — But Many Neighborhood Dives Are Hurting

KQED 5/15

Many restaurant bars in California – and bars that collaborate with restaurants – have found a way to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic: selling “curbside” cocktails along with takeout food. It’s a combination required by law for to-go alcohol sales.

CDC releases guidelines for reopening restaurant dining rooms and bars

Nation’s Restaurant News 5/15

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a set of guidelines for restaurants and bars to follow when reopening their dining rooms.

LA cuts off power and water to one business for non-compliance with COVID-19 order

Southern California Record 5/15

“Only one” Los Angeles business has had power and water cut off for failing to follow COVID-19 Safer-at-Home orders, according to the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

On the Side

Masks, online menus and hand sanitizer: Inside one of California’s 1st restaurants to reopen

The Sacramento Bee 5/16

Servers took orders in sleek black masks stamped with the restaurant’s logo. Every other booth sat empty with its tabletops removed and a vertical plastic wrap barrier separating customers from the next row over. Functioning bar stools were marked with caution tape, as were all but one restroom stall, which employees sanitized after every use.

National Restaurant Association names Tom Bené CEO

Nation’s Restaurant News 5/15

The National Restaurant Association has named former Sysco Corp. CEO Tom Bené to head the industry trade association and its educational foundation, the group announced Friday.

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