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The Daily Prep List: 05.11.21


The hiring scramble is on: Theme parks, restaurants struggle to find workers

The Daily Breeze 5/9

Southern California theme parks, restaurants and other retail outlets are scrambling to fill openings as COVID-19 restrictions loosen and the summer season approaches. Many employers, struggling to find enough workers amid a reawakening economy, are offering higher wages and incentives to lure new hires.

‘Customer service is hard’: Former restaurant workers explain why they left the industry

ABC22 Savannah 5/8

As some restaurants face short staff struggles, former service industry worker Nicole Graziani says there are many reasons why she left the industry.

Food Industry Policy

COVID: San Francisco Businesses Thriving Again Under New Yellow Tier Freedoms

CBS San Francisco 5/9

This is the first weekend San Francisco is back in the Yellow Tier after six months, creating a new buzz among once dormant and restricted San Francisco bars and restaurants. Judging by the strong turnout at bars and restaurants across San Francisco Saturday night, business owners and customers are thriving again under the least restrictive Yellow Tier.

Does Biden’s Pro Act contain a nasty surprise for small businesses?

The Guardian 5/9

The proposed legislation expands freelancers’ right to unionize but the current wording could have repercussions for the use of independent contractors.

On the Side

Chef transplants are bringing new flavor to suburbs and smaller cities and towns

CNN 5/9

The couple is among a growing number of culinary stars who have transplanted their talents from America’s big cities to suburbs and smaller cities and towns because of the Covid-19 crisis.

CA Minimum Wage Hike Forces Businesses To Take Drastic Measures

Tap Happenings 5/9

California lawmakers celebrated the mandating of a minimum wage increase. However, just after the bill passed, business owners made an announcement of their own.

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