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The Daily Prep List: 05.10.21


Unemployment Benefits Become Target Amid Hiring Difficulty

The Wall Street Journal 5/8

The country is in a striking predicament, with millions unemployed and businesses that can’t find enough people to hire at current wages. The mismatch has prompted several states, including Florida, Montana and North Carolina, to tighten reporting requirements to receive unemployment benefits and shut off payments to people who turn down work.

Employers, governors push myth that unemployment checks keep lazy workers home

Los Angeles Times 5/7

The notion that unemployment benefits are keeping able-bodied workers home has become an article of faith among employers and their lobbyists, despite a lack of any evidence that this phenomenon is endemic. In some places, the business community hasn’t been shy about demeaning workers who aren’t clamoring to join their staffs. Typically they portray the workforce as an army of layabouts.

Food Industry Policy

How to navigate the restaurant scene in the yellow tier

Los Angeles Times 5/8

So what happens now as we in Los Angeles County navigate the yellow tier and perhaps imagine a future without any tiers at all? Are you eager to dine on a patio? Searching for new takeout possibilities? Are you curious about L.A.’s hottest restaurants and wondering how long it may take you to score a reservation?

Restaurants are Prime Targets for FLSA Lawsuits: 6 Tips for Employers Relying on the Tip Credit

JD Supra 5/7

As the food and beverage industry rebuilds, restaurants and bars must be cognizant of their obligations to employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); even minor mistakes in employee pay practices, including the use of the tip credit, can lead to significant liability and financial disaster.

On the Side

Mother’s Day Weekend Putting Pinch On Short-Staffed Restaurants

CBS Los Angeles 5/7

The holiday is a much-needed day off for many weary moms who have been cooking up a storm, facilitating online learning and working from home since the pandemic began. But the question remains: Are businesses ready for the rush?

Man uses TikTok to raise more than $90K for street vendors in LA and San Diego

ABC7 Los Angeles 5/7

A 24-year-old man didn’t let the pandemic stop him from giving back to others. Jesus Morales’ viral TikTok videos have moved people to tears and let him gift thousands of dollars to many street vendors in Southern California.

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