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The Daily Prep List: 05.04.21


Another high-profile fine dining abuse allegation story comes out. What next?

San Francisco Chronicle 5/3 

In her New York Times story, reported over the course of three months, Moskin uncovers allegations of rampant sexual misconduct, abuse and even fraud behind the scenes at the internationally renowned restaurant in Washington state.

Opinion: Restaurant workers should keep collecting unemployment instead of going back to work for poverty wages

Business Insider 5/3

But restaurant workers choosing unemployment benefits over returning to poverty wages is simply good old-fashioned supply and demand. Laid-off restaurant workers shouldn’t feel bad about collecting unemployment benefits, especially since it’s requiring the hospitality sector adopt a less exploitative relationship with workers.

Food Industry Policy

Restaurant Loyalty Programs Find Their Stride During COVID

QSR Magazine 5/3

The pandemic accelerated consumers’ adoption of digital technologies as millions downloaded branded restaurant apps and ordered food through digital channels. Loyalty emerged as a powerful way for brands to engage with customers and capture sales at a vulnerable time. And loyalty programs delivered on that hoped-for revenue.

Thousands register as opening day nears for Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Sacramento Business Journal 5/2

On Friday morning, the Small Business Administration allowed eligible business owners to register and begin preparations for Monday, when the agency will open its portal for the grant program. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund, created through the American Rescue Plan Act, will offer foodservice businesses an opportunity to obtain grants to address their Covid-19 pandemic-related revenue losses.

On the Side

Rampant racial disparities plagued how billions of dollars in PPP loans were distributed in the U.S.

Reveal News 5/2

An analysis of Paycheck Protection Program lending reveals stark disparities across the country. In the LA area, businesses in White neighborhoods received loans at a far higher rate than in Latinx, Black and Asian ones.

Long-Awaited Oakland Food Hall Keeps Losing Its Star Chefs

Eater San Francisco 4/30

Nearly all of the highly publicized chefs attached to a food hall planned for Oakland’s Jack London Square have backed out, reports the SF Chronicle, citing uncertainty about the long-awaited project’s future.

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