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The Daily Prep List: 04.27.21


How Immigration and Diversity are Affecting the Future of the Restaurant Industry

FSR Magazine 4/26

What is the future of the workforce that makes up the food industry? What are the continued changes that must take place to provide safety for your staff and patrons? And how can you fill the positions you might have lost when fewer people are applying for the job? The answers have been (unsurprisingly) in front of us all along. 

Chula Vista Restaurant Raises Wages After Having Trouble Finding Workers

NBC San Diego 4/25

A Chula Vista restaurant owner has been forced to make several changes during the pandemic, but he didn’t expect to have such a difficult time hiring back workers.

Food Industry Policy

If There’s One Industry That Can Beat COVID, It’s Restaurants

QSR Magazine 4/26 

A few shifts stand out as particularly noteworthy: the expanding role of digital, the reimagination of menus, and a renewed dedication to the vital staff that supports our businesses. Innovations in these areas have bolstered the industry during the crisis, and will lead to continuous growth once COVID is further in the rearview mirror.

Top Franchise Experts Share Their Vision for Post Pandemic Recovery

Total Food Service 4/26 

While analyzing the business climate of 2020, it is no secret that restaurants and hospitality businesses were some of the most devastated.

On the Side

American Tipping Culture is Harming the Food Service Industry

The Emory Wheel 4/24

But the problem is not so easy to solve. Tipping is ingrained in the U.S. economy and it will be nearly impossible to convince businesses to leave the practice.

12 California Restaurant Chains the Entire Country Needs

Thrillist 4/24

The West Coast is commonly referred to as the best coast, and with good reason—in addition to the perennial sunny weather and laidback residents, it’s also home to some of the best restaurant chains in the country. 

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