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The Daily Prep List: 03.24.20


Minimum wage increases make restaurants vulnerable to economic downturns

The Washington Times 3/23

The coronavirus outbreak is straining the U.S. economy. Precautions taken by consumers and government have shutdown large parts of American industry. Restaurants and other service businesses are particularly exposed to the economic fallout.

Papa John’s is immediately hiring 20,000 employees during coronavirus pandemic

Nation’s Restaurant News 3/23

While many restaurants are closing their doors and laying off employees, Papa John’s is looking to ramp up hiring to keep up with delivery and takeout demand during the coronavirus panic.

Food Industry Policy

Dining Bonds Are The New War Bonds… The Restaurant Industry Hopes

LAist 3/23

Overnight, coronavirus has forced restaurants and bars to shut down and revamp their business models. While some have shifted to takeout and delivery, not all establishments can do this. That’s where the Dining Bond Initiative comes in.

José Andrés: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight

The New York Times 3/22

Writing in the middle of two devastating cholera pandemics in the early 1800s, the great French culinary thinker Brillat-Savarin articulated a truth we urgently need to grasp today: “The destiny of nations depends on how they feed themselves.”

On the Side

Many SF Restaurants Don’t Know How They’ll Pay Rent In April

Eater, San Francisco 3/23

Savvy newsreaders know to expect shenanigans when the date “April 1” is mentioned in a news story, but this year, April 1 is anything but a joke.

Restaurant Promises ‘Special Place in Hell’ for People Who Write Yelp Reviews During the Coronavirus Crisis

Eater, San Francisco 3/23

San Francisco-based reviews platform Yelp has never been a favorite for restaurant owners, as they say its calls from ad salespeople disrupt their daily business, and that inaccurate or uncharitable reviews written by presumed patrons threaten their ongoing success.

Technology Trends for the ‘New Normal’ Customer Cravings

Modern Restaurant Management 3/23

Hyper-connectivity and lifestyle trends will continue to influence and alter consumer behavior. 

Investor town hall yields tips from best curbside practices to cost-cutting actions

Nation’s Restaurant Magazine 3/23

Restaurant operators facing steep declines in sales because of the coronavirus pandemic are looking for tips, ideas and best practices to reduce costs quickly in the downturn.

How Firehouse Subs’ CEO Navigates Coronavirus

QSR Magazine Mar. 2020

Don Fox has seen a lot in his four-decade-plus career in foodservice. The Firehouse Subs CEO remembers well how he worked through crises like the terrorist attacks on September 11 and the Great Recession that started in 2008.

Grubhub CEO: 30 Percent of Restaurants Could Close

QSR Magazine Mar. 2020

There’s a prevailing sense among operators today that the restaurant industry will look quite different on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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