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The Daily Prep List: 03.05.21


States Offer Congress A Preview Of Tipped Wage Phaseout

Law360 3/4

Several states and local jurisdictions in recent years have enacted minimum wages above the federal floor. In some of them, the initial proposal included a tipped minimum wage phaseout that was removed after outcry from tipped workers.

‘Hero pay’: LA City Council votes to finalize $5 an hour emergency ordinance amid pandemic

ABC7 Los Angeles 3/3

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday finalized an emergency ordinance to require large grocery and pharmacy retailers to offer employees an additional $5 per hour in hazard pay amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Industry Policy

Why Restaurant Mobile Technology is Here to Stay

QSR Magazine 3/4

Mobile ordering is nothing new, but when COVID-19 hit, it became one of the safest methods of payment, requiring little to no human contact. In fact, among top quick-service restaurant apps, a recent Mobiquity report found a 36 percent year-over-year increase in the number of people saying it was their first time using a restaurant’s mobile app. If you’re a restaurant operator, mobile ordering for delivery and pickup should be a top priority this year.

The next time you order takeout, call the restaurant

Los Angeles Times 3/3

For many restaurants, these food delivery companies provide a service they cannot offer on their own. But the tally of the charges has been a shock to many, including Caitlin. The Cutlers pay an 18% fee per order to Caviar, 20% to Postmates, 18% to Doordash, 20% to Uber Eats, and 3% to Tock; they also pay $119 per month for a one-year contract with ChowNow.

On the Side

Canopy Growth to sell CBD-infused sparkling water online in US

Food Dive 3/4

Canopy Growth launched its CBD-infused Quatreau sparkling water brand in the United States, the company said in a statement. The beverage is available in four flavors and would be sold online in states that permit consumption of cannabidiol (CBD).

Los Angeles’ Most Exciting New Restaurants Are Ghost Pop-Ups

Food & Wine 3/3

The things that lead chefs to ghost kitchens and pop-ups are often unexpected and unfortunate: unemployment, creative ruts, and, of course, an industry-decimating pandemic.

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