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The Daily Prep List: 02.13.20


Minimum Wage in Hayward to Rise to $15 in July

East Bay Express 2/12

A push for Hayward to increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour had languished for several years before it was resuscitated last fall. 

Unions move on restaurants despite a big oops

Restaurant Business 2/11

Regardless of which parade marcher ends up as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, he or she is likely to be a BFF of labor. But unions aren’t waiting until next November to see if they’ll have a better shot at organizing the restaurant business.

Food Industry Policy

Many low-income Californians don’t use credit cards. Should stores be required to accept cash?

CALmatters 2/13

One state lawmaker says cash-free stores are discriminating against low-income customers, who often don’t have bank accounts.

California proposes law to protect restaurants being added to food delivery apps without permission

SF Gate 2/12

Recently, some San Francisco restaurants have been alarmed to find their food listed for delivery on third-party apps, such as Grubhub and DoorDash, despite never giving them consent to do so.

Cell-based meat products are years away, so why are states making so many laws about them?

Food Dive 2/12

Arizona State Rep. David Cook, a Republican representing a mostly rural district southeast of Phoenix, wants to make sure consumers are not deceived when they go grocery shopping.

On the Side

Novel Coronavirus Fears Cut Chinatown Restaurant Business by 50 Percent

Eater, San Francisco 2/12

Restaurants in Oakland and San Francisco Chinatowns say their business has been slashed by 50 percent or more, a decrease caused by the one-two punch of novel coronavirus panic and a precipitous drop in tourism from China.

Habit Burger Stockholder Sues Over $375M Yum Brands Buy

Law 360 2/12

A shareholder has sued The Habit Burger Grill following a recent announcement that Yum Brands will buy the fast-casual restaurant chain for $375 million, saying the transaction should be halted because Habit omitted material information in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

The Rise of Palestinian Food

The New York Times 2/12

Cookbook authors and chefs are arguing for their place at the table — to chronicle recipes, safeguard ingredients and assert a sense of humanity.

Denny’s CEO: Consumers Drawn to Innovation

FSR Magazine Feb. 2020

Denny’s CEO John Miller said he sees consumers craving innovation. To him, it’s not about what’s already available, but the focus is more on the higher culinary standards restaurants can bring to traditional items. 

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