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The Daily Prep List: 02.08.21


What would a $15 per hour federal minimum wage look like for restaurants?

Restaurant Hospitality 2/6

An attempt to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and eliminate the tip credit was stripped from a budget reconciliation bill approved by the Senate on Friday. But Democrats have vowed to continue the fight to raise the federal wage and the debate is far from over.

Minimum Wage Battles And California’s Restaurant Workers

Patch – Across California 2/5

A push to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour was iced this week, and that may relieve some pandemic-ravaged California restaurant owners. But their employees might grumble because as the Golden State leads the way in increasing its minimum wage, annual salaries of restaurant workers are losing ground compared to their colleagues in several other states.

Food Industry Policy

Ghost kitchens boost revenue for struggling restaurants

The Fresno Bee 2/6

It’s all designed to create a new revenue stream for businesses without having to create a new storefront and dining space. Restaurants can offer new menu items — or entire restaurant themes — while saving on traditional costs of opening a new eatery, including square footage and waitstaff.

California Liquor Bill Aims to Make Restaurant Parklets Permanent, Zones for Open Containers

East County Today 2/6

SB 314 will help California’s restaurants, bars, and music venues recover economically from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by creating more flexibility in how they can serve alcohol, including where they can serve and how they can share spaces with other businesses (for example, making permanent the popular and successful outdoor dining and parklet regulations currently in place because of the pandemic).

On the Side

‘Back to the box’: Bay Area restaurants, bars celebrate Valentine’s Day with takeout specials


Throughout the Bay Area, restaurateurs and bar owners are rethinking ways to serve customers on what used to be one of their busiest days of the year, before the coronavirus pandemic. For many, it’s meant fashioning takeout orders, dinner kits and more as a way to remain afloat.

San Diego restaurant chain’s car hop experiment pays off for workers

ABC San Diego 2/5

The chain decided to try a new spin on an old classic: the car hop. At five of its locations across the county, it offered full car-side service, with entertainment some nights, such as a D.J.

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