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The Daily Prep List: 01.25.21


New study ranks the riskiest jobs in California during the pandemic

San Francisco Chronicle 1/23

As the state struggles to vaccinate people against the coronavirus, a new UCSF study shows essential workers, especially in food and transportation industries, bear the greatest risk of death among Californians of working age. The authors suggest the employees be moved up in line for shots.

Non-Tipped Employees Can Now Be Included In Tip Pooling

JD Supra 1/22

On January 15, 2021, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued Opinion Letter FLSA2021-4 concerning changes to tip pooling when the pool includes both tipped and non-tipped employees. The Opinion Letter focuses its analysis on servers and hosts/hostesses when discussing these changes.

Food Industry Policy

Gavin Newsom expected to lift stay-at-home order across California, restaurant group says

The Sacramento Bee 1/24

The California Restaurant Association on Sunday informed its members that Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to make an announcement Monday lifting his COVID-19 stay-at-home order across the state, allowing more businesses to open.

Long Beach cuts off gas service to restaurant that refused to stop serving patio diners

Los Angeles Times 1/24

For weeks, Dana Tanner has kept her Long Beach restaurant open for outdoor patio dining in defiance of pandemic safety regulations. She had two tables left to serve Saturday afternoon when city workers showed up, she said, and shut off her gas.

The True Cost of Convenience

Eater 1/22

Third-party delivery apps with billions of dollars have perpetuated a distorted business model rooted in consumer convenience — and it’s restaurants and workers paying the price.

On the Side

‘Tip Or Go Home’: Graffiti Warfare In Sacramento Supports Restaurant Workers

CBS Sacramento 1/23

Midtown Sacramento restaurant workers are seeing graffiti signs with messages that read “Tip 100% or go home” – a sentiment most workers agree with as the pandemic continues to impact the industry.

Restaurant Week serving it up in Butte County

ABC7 Redding 1/22

Explore Butte County’s Restaurant Week kicked off Friday, intending to bring more business to those who have been serving the community all pandemic long.

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