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The Daily Prep List: 01.15.21


As Biden Prepares to Take Office, the Minimum Wage Battle Returns

FSR Magazine 1/14 

When it comes to the restaurant industry, no topic presses deeper or more controversial than minimum wage. Biden expressed previously, pointedly on his “Build Back Better” transition website, a desire to provide workers “a decent wage, at least $15 per hour.” He’s also pushed to end tipped minimum wage and sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities.

What happens when a restaurant worker gets COVID-19?

Los Angeles Times 1/13

When it comes to safety and other mandates affecting restaurants in Los Angeles (selling retail products, building out dining rooms on sidewalks or on streets), businesses need to consider multiple government agencies, including the CDC, the county and state public health departments, CAL/OSHA, the state ABC and various city councils and city planning and zoning departments — depending on their location. They also need to consult attorneys, workers’ comp insurance and unemployment insurance mandates.

Food Industry Policy

Defiance of coronavirus dining bans grows as restaurants flounder

Associated Press 1/13

Health officials in Oregon and other states with bans say the restrictions are necessary because people can’t wear masks when they eat, are in close proximity in smaller and often poorly ventilated spaces, and are prone to talk more loudly in a crowded dining room — all known contributors to viral spread. 

LA City Council Votes To Have City Pursue Changes To Restaurant Permit Processes (VIDEO)

CBS Los Angeles 1/13

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to instruct city agencies and departments to pursue changes that would make it easier for restaurants to provide outdoor dining amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On the Side

Karl Strauss Brewing Company Permanently Shutters La Jolla Brewpub and Restaurant

NBC San Diego 1/13

“Our lease has expired and the difficult decision was made not to renew it,” a message posted on the Karl Strauss website read.

West LA’s Newest Underground Takeout Spot Puts a Modern Spin on Korean Food

Eater LA 1/13

Westsiders looking for a new kind of Korean restaurant now have Naemo to look forward to. The Sawtelle Japantown-area underground pop-up is now selling on Tock, turning out gorgeous dosirak boxes that include rice, soup, and banchan galore.

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