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The Daily Prep List: 01.05.21


Predictive Scheduling Laws Are Good For Employees

Hermann Law 1/4

Chicago’s predictive scheduling ordinance went into effect on July 1, 2020. Chicago was the latest large city to enact such legislation. So far, only one state — Oregon — has a state-wide predictive scheduling statute, but other states — like California and Illinois — are considering enacting this type of protection for all employees.

Twenty states raise minimum wage at start of new year

The Hill 1/3

New Mexico will see the largest jump, adding $1.50 to its hourly minimum and bringing it up to $10.50. Arkansas, California, Illinois and New Jersey will each increase their minimum wages by $1.

Food Industry Policy

O.C. company launches Kurb N Go pickup and delivery app to help local restaurants

KTLA 1/3

An Orange County software company created a pickup and delivery app to help local restaurants. Kurb N Go is commission-free, said Laguna Hills resident Sarah Carter Eley, who’s behind the app.

Los Gatos restaurants invest thousands in outdoor dining

The Mercury News 1/3

After making massive investments in outdoor dining when shelter-in-place restrictions were eased for a while last year, Los Gatos restaurant owners weren’t too happy about going back to takeout and curbside business models when Santa Clara County went into lockdown again over the holidays. But they are hopeful that those investments will pay off once restrictions are eased again.

On the Side

After devastating year, restaurants look for hope in 2021

The Bakersfield Californian 1/3

The adjustment from dine-in to takeout and delivery has hit some local restaurants particularly hard, and even with a trickle of income still coming in, the most recent ban on indoor dining has put an already suffering industry near the edge.

Are holiday gift cards a boon or a trap for struggling restaurants? Owners say it’s both

Salon 1/3

Some restaurant owners have crafted an ingenious scheme: Convince customers to wait on redeeming gift cards.

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